dhouglas said: du you know where the Lee Gun Woo ( kpostar ) ?

i dont know to be honest. I tried to look for where he ends up but fails miserably. do let me know if you found out.. :)

i am not those kind of people who will follow them rules. it makes my move, my brain restricted. so you will never unleash your full potential. same applied to cooking. i hate following recipe. I just use anything that my kitchen happen to have. so today here again i invent something for my stomach that only take 5 minutes to cook. Today we have spicy tuna egg rolls, in which the tuna were seasoned with oyster sauce, chili garlic sauce, some rosemary, some coriander, pepper and salt. And it taste good, plus its good for your brain (omega from tuna) and your diet (fish is good for diet). 


A guide to Fencing shoes In order by picture

Dartagnan IV - These are a redesign of the 2004 silver black and blue Adistars based in Light weight maneuverability and superior grip. $120US

Nike Ballestra- Most commonly found in white and grey the ballestra’s are lighter than almost any other fencing shoe. $175US (at the Fencing.net store)

Adidas EnGuarde - a good basic fencing shoe, lightweight and simple. $75US

Leon Paul Blades - Wide fitting but well made, these offer good traction. $110US

Adidas Adistars 08 - heavy and thick, these do grip the floor well but ultimately are not much different from a standard Adidas cross-trainer. $202US (AbsoluteFencing)

Viktoria competition shoe - surprisingly heavy but famous for comfort these shoes deserve more use then they get in the USA. $179US (AbsoluteFencing)

Absolute Elite II -Good for beginners and some intermediate they are reasonable for their price. $59US 

Absolute Hi-tops Elite II - Read above $79US

Leon Paul Scimitars - These do tend to fit a bit wide but are well made offering fantastic protection from foot touches, they also have a sort on memory foam insole! $159US 

Adidas Equipment shoe - The only symmetrical fencing shoe ever mass produced, these where very popular and well designed, the most common issue is grip. $Discontinued

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KPop StarLee Gun Woo OST song for “Stand By” Drama.. 

Lee Gun-woo – “관심 혹은 착각” (Interest, maybe delusion) 

lee gun woo

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SBS Kpop Star Son Mi Jin released an OST song for “Stand By” Drama.. 

Son Mi Jin sang (I Know (알아요) )

son mi jin

SBS KPop Start Season 1. Where are they now? 

Below is the list of the contestant and their agency home. if anyone now someone else were signed to any company, please do let me know

JYP Entainment

Park Ji Min

Baek Ah Yeon

Park Jae hyung

YG Entertainment 

Lee Ha Yi

Lee Michelle

Lee Jung Mi

Lee Seung Joo 

Lee Seung Hoon 

Goo Joon Hoe

LEON Entertainment

Yoon Hyun Sang

Polaris Entertainment

Kim Woo Sung

STARSHIP Entertainment

Kim Na Yoon

Lim Da Young 

T.O.P. Media

Dancing Machine Girl - Park Jung Eun

DSP Media

Matthew Kim

on the other side, Son Ji Min and Lee Gun Woo released an OST song for “Stand By” Drama..  I will post another entry with the song later.

Son Mi Jin sang (I Know (알아요) )

Lee Gun-woo – “관심 혹은 착각” (Interest, maybe delusion) 


sheeeee its her

she made it

and her audition was off the motherfucking chain mynigg

god.its the dancing machine. uri park jung eun

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The forever cheerful Lee Gun Woo and unique Sugar Party vocal Son Mi Jin of SBS Kpop Star sing OSTs for Kdrama Standby.

I am just so happy right now. It’s like they are slowly reaching their dreams. I just want all the contestants of the show to be successful in one way or another. And when they are all successful they would perform on one stage again and show how much they have improved. I just wish they would all be given chances in their own right time. KPOP Star babies, HWAITING.

I am such a fangirl but both songs are great. SERIOUSLY.

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I cannot be anymore happier right now.
It is finally official! 
Park Ji Min, Baek Ah Yeon, Park Jae Hyung - Signed up with JYP.
Lee Ha Yi, Lee Michelle, and Lee Seung Hoon - Signed up with YG.
(Apparently there are 2 more that signed up with YG, but it’s a secret for now…. I actually have one person in mind from the show, but we’ll wait and see :)

This is freaking insane.
This just says that now I have 6 debuts to look forward too,


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omg i cant wait to see the bare skin minhoooooooo

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Who would not be inlove with this person ~ hhhaah So love this guy!!!

i loooooooooove him


Who would not be inlove with this person ~ hhhaah So love this guy!!!

i loooooooooove him

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