SBS KPop Start Season 1. Where are they now? 

Below is the list of the contestant and their agency home. if anyone now someone else were signed to any company, please do let me know

JYP Entainment

Park Ji Min

Baek Ah Yeon

Park Jae hyung

YG Entertainment 

Lee Ha Yi

Lee Michelle

Lee Jung Mi

Lee Seung Joo 

Lee Seung Hoon 

Goo Joon Hoe

LEON Entertainment

Yoon Hyun Sang

Polaris Entertainment

Kim Woo Sung

STARSHIP Entertainment

Kim Na Yoon

Lim Da Young 

T.O.P. Media

Dancing Machine Girl - Park Jung Eun

DSP Media

Matthew Kim

on the other side, Son Ji Min and Lee Gun Woo released an OST song for “Stand By” Drama..  I will post another entry with the song later.

Son Mi Jin sang (I Know (알아요) )

Lee Gun-woo – “관심 혹은 착각” (Interest, maybe delusion) 


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